Title : Promixes
Release Date : 5 febbraio 2016

Produced by Federico Malandrino, Raffaele “Nedagroove” D’Anello and We Are Waves.
Studio engineering: Raffaele “Nedagroove” D’Anello.
Mixing: Raffaele D’Anello e Federico Malandrino.
Mastering: Raffaele D’Anello.
Lyrics: Fabio Viassone.
Recorded and mixed at MeatBeat Studio, Aosta
Mastered at MeatBeat Studio, Aosta
Artwork: Fabio Viassone
Cover photo: Deborah Faulkner
Published by MeatBeat Records
Press Office for Italy: AstarteAgency
Booking: Untitled Booking